Writing Again

Over the last several months, I haven’t been writing as much. I’ve been busy, distracted, and concentrating on other things. And I’ve missed it.

I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I started completing a Self-Authoring program, designed by one of my  latest intellectual heroes, the Psychologist, Dr. Jordan Peterson.

The program takes you through a multi-layered personality inventory and guides you through a series of writing exercises on your past, present, and future. It helps you understand and process the significant events of your past, take inventory of your present strengths and weaknesses, and then helps you map out how you can work for your ideal future. I found it to be incredibly helpful, personally, and have recommended it to several people already.

One of the things it inspired me to do, was to start writing regularly again. I have discontinued my last blog on Tumblr, mostly because I found its sharing capabilities to be lacking in many ways. I never liked Tumblr’s design or ease of use, so I’ve re-created my platform on this space.



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